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The Drinks Reception

What better setting to sip champagne and mingle with guests? You’ll be surrounded by the most beautiful gardens with views of the villa, the love temple and the sea.

Laidback upbeat background music will remind you that in summertime, the living really is easy.

Bars and live cooking stations will be set up strategically around the gardens.

The fountains offer a spectacular backdrop to the setting. They’ll enhance the view but then, to accompany a special moment, they’ll surprise guests with the most magnificent show as the water jets and lights are carefully choreographed to your choice of music.

Why not explore the divine tastes of the region in a fun interactive way with a wine casino? An English-speaking sommelier will talk about the different qualities of some of the world’s finest wines, then challenge your guests to bet on what they taste, often with quite surprising results!

To continue our virtual walk-through your event, head now to the dinner.


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