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Our Experiences


Based on our vast experience at this venue, we have launched a series of all-inclusive event experiences, designed specifically for the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild.


These are complete options with everything you need for sound and lighting, plus suggestions for furniture, candles and entertainment.


Each experience reflects a specific theme. You just have to choose which platform is most appropriate for your event, then we add whatever options are needed to make sure your event is exactly the way you want it.

All options complement the venue perfectly, offering high quality equipment and include all the essential elements for a successful celebration. 


Natural & Elegant

This experience complements the villa perfectly, offering high quality elegant equipment and all the essential elements for a beautiful event. 

Ephrussi Events -22.jpg

Stylish & Sophisticated

This is the most complete, refined and sophisticated solution for this venue, offering the best possible equipment and a solid technical platform suitable for building the most spectacular event.

Ephrussi Events -21.jpg

Warm & Vibrant

This experience offers versatility and an event that reflects your personality. We provide live entertainment, the latest sound equipment, programmable coloured lighting and a wide choice of decorative elements.

VR1 General-00010.jpg

A La Carte

This is an opportunity for you to create a totally bespoke event from a blank canvass exactly as you want it, reflecting your imagination and personality.

WAB-240819 (Villa Rothschild) HC HR-11.j
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