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Event Scenarios


We see events as stories waiting to be told. Every event is a journey filled with excitement, surprises and moments of delight.

Of course, every event is different but let’s take a moment to preview how your story could be as we guide you through a typical event chapter by chapter.

Here are a few sample scenarios that offer suggestions on how different types of events can take shape. Each one includes a selection of photos or videos, along with some invaluable tips on how to make your event perfect for you.

Please visit our Ephrussi Events blog for more inspiration and ideas.


Dream Wedding

The first impressions are so important. Upon arrival, guests will immediately know that something special is happening and they will feel excited about what’s to come ... 

Ephrussi Events -3.jpg

Private Celebration

The whole event is a series of highlights one after another, but there’s still space for the most incredible surprise of all. These are the unexpected moments of drama that guests will be talking about for years to come ...


Garden Party

This is a journey through different zones of the villa, offering a wide variety of experiences that reflect the many personalities of the venue ...

Cartier -131.jpg

Gala Dinner

The scene is set for a fascinating insight into the history of the villa, discovering a unique art collection and meeting its most exuberant characters …

Ephrussi Events -13.jpg
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