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Upbeat Acoustic Strolling Bands

The French Riviera is the home to some of the world's finest upbeat acoustic strolling bands.

Strolling Acoustic Musicians

Here's our suggestion for a typical performance at this venue:

  • 45 minute upbeat background music set during the drinks reception;

  • 30 minute interactive singalong set between courses to step up the mood;

  • 30 minute dynamic party set after dinner before the DJ takes over inside.

A big advantage is that they need no sound system, which is perfect for the gardens of the villa.

You can navigate between different videos using the menu on the top left corner of the video.

The Phly Boyz and The Troubadours are our favourite local options, and this video from the London-based Juke Joints perfectly captures the mood of upbeat acoustic events on the French Riviera.

For more entertainment ideas, please visit our main entertainment showcase or jump to the next page for some suggestions for singers.


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