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A La Carte

This is an opportunity for you to create a totally bespoke event from a blank canvass exactly as you want it, reflecting your imagination and personality.

You will have your own dedicated event planner AND an experienced production manager who will discuss in detail what you are expecting from your event, and guide you through the options available to you, taking into account the particularities of this venue.

This fast-moving video shows many different ways that you can make your event here stand out from the ordinary.

The production manager will prepare set-up plans and lighting specs and will oversee the entire preparation and set-up process. This will involve liaising with the venue and communicating with all other suppliers to ensure that the deliveries run smoothly and that everything is set-up on time.

Our advance production costs include engaging a specialist lighting designer and sound engineer during the planning process. The lighting engineer will create a personalized plan according to the programme of the event, making sure value is added to all design elements and visual shows.

The sound engineer will advise on the most appropriate set-up and will liaise with any performers in advance to be sure that their technical riders are met and that we can maximize the time we have for sound checks.

Your event manager will prepare a detailed brief leaving no stone unturned to make sure your event runs smoothly. This brief will be approved by you in advance then shared with all other partners working on this event. The production team will provide the technical platform for a magnificent occasion and make sure that everything looks and sounds amazing.


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