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  • Gala Dinner: The Baronesses Ball

    The scene is set for a fascinating insight into the history of the villa, discovering a unique art collection and meeting its most charismatic characters … Welcome Guests are welcomed by an actor playing the original architect of the villa, Aaron Messiah. He welcomes them with exuberant enthusiasm and some quickfire fun facts about the villa. Entertainment: Inside a classical pianist plays music from the turn of the century when the villa was built. Visual entertainment is focused on art with costumed close-up artists offering caricatures, souvenir sketches and silhouettes. Costumed character actors Living buffets Body painters Living statues Photo Booth Guides will offer tours around the venue, their private rooms and the art collection Rooms will have costumes characters to bring the setting to life – even an actress playing the baroness herself. After the main course the Baroness appears on the balcony to give a short speech on her vision when she created the villa. She introduces her architect who talks about creating a building filled with joy and eventually reveals himself as a tenor singer. The baroness reappears in the dining area to perform a spontaneous duet. After the performance, a DJ or live trio continue the vibe until the end of the evening.

  • Garden Party: Ephrussi Enchantée

    This theme is a journey through different zones of the villa, offering a wide variety of experiences that reflect the different personalities of the venue. The event like the venue will be a blend of classical and contemporary, but always with a surprising twist and the occasional touch of eccentricity. In French, "enchanted" means "pleased to meet you" or literally "enchanted". For this event in one of France's most beautiful locations, we've created a setting that is both enchanting and welcoming for new relationships. Guests are encouraged to circulate around 4 zones. Each zones represents a different charm of the villa: Entrance: Welcome Zone Lower Gardens: Garden Chic Upper Gardens: Contemporary Gardens Indoors: Disco Lounge The experience is different in each zone, with costumed visual artists, live musicians, the choice of furniture and floral decoration all reflecting each theme. Indoors, the event is brought to a climax with. vibrant colours, stylish furniture and upbeat party music.

  • Celebrations: A Midsummer's Night Dream

    Here is a show that takes inspiration from Shakespeare’s unparalleled tale of love, beauty and fantasy. Beautiful stiltwalker fairies set the scene with long flowing dresses and floral crowns. Music fills the air courtesy of our “merry wanderers of the night”. The whole evening will be created especially for you and will include charismatic singers, colourful dancers and stunning visual performances. The entertainment will highlight the theme of love and friendship, remaining fast-paced and dynamic while always staying classy and sophisticated. The visual shows will be elegant and romantic, while being a wonderful expression of the beauty and power of the human body. The event is hosted by a costumed MC who puts the theme into context of the venue and the occasion. Later, he reveals himself to be the most incredible tenor singer, accompanied by 4 soprano fairies. As the sun starts setting, the magic of the night comes alive. The stunning Rothschild setting is gently enhanced by natural lighting with tea lights and tall candelabras entwined with floral elegance.

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  • YOUR TEAM | Events at Villa Ephrussi

    Your Team MEET YOUR DREAM TEAM Pleased to meet you! We’re the ones behind the scenes to make your event perfect. We are a team of a friendly event professionals who knows this venue inside out! Our speciality is music and production, but we collaborate professionally with trusted partners to be sure you have everything you need. Within our team are trusted experts at every level for everything that is important to you. We can work independently, or alongside your own event designer or wedding planner. Use us to create your event story, or to manage specific chapters such as the technical platform or the entertainment scenario. Lighting: Riviera Organisation Flowers & Candles: Wayne Riley Flowers Photographer: Holly Clark Entertainment: Riviera Organisation Lighting: Riviera Organisation Floral Design: Wayne Riley Flowers Catering: Lenotre Video: Chromata Films Why Choose Us? ONE CONTACT - ONE TEAM - ONE GOAL For such an important event, why leave anything to chance? ​ We have a refreshingly different approach to organising special events, built on personal relationships over many years, and our cornerstones of trust, expertise, creativity, and value . Trust us to offer invaluable advice always in the best interests of your event, with reliable partners who share our vision and values. Have confidence that we can deliver the highest quality service at every level. Our expertise stretches much further than decades of successful events at this venue. We have an unrivalled knowledge of the French Riviera and all its resources for the events industry. Our extended network is so much stronger than any individual company as we can offer so many different choices at every level. Our creative challenge is to personalise each experience to make every event unique and for everyone involved to enjoy the process. We’re confident we can offer valued services and value for money. You pay only for the services you need, and we are completely transparent with all costs. We’ll explain the value of every euro spent and advise where intelligent savings can be made. How reassuring is that? OUR PROMISES TO YOU > “Events are built on the purest and most beautiful emotions to create memorable experiences and meaningful relationships. Everything else is a means to an end” Riviera Organisation Our Stories FAQs Out of gallery Take It Easy OUR PROMISES TO YOU A beautifully crafted event built on careful planning, close personal relationships and local expertise; ​ A friendly voice at the end of the phone for expert advice in English whenever you need it; ​ Clear choices at every level; ​ Transparent pricing meaning no hidden costs and no money wasted; Peace of mind during the whole planning process, and most importantly during the event itself; ​ Visit Riviera Organisation for more information about our services.

  • Events at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

    - VILLA EPHRUSSI DE ROTHSCHILD - Exceptional Event Experiences - BY RIVIERA ORGANISATION - SHOW ME Welcome WELCOME TO THE VILLA EPHRUSSI DE ROTHSCHILD Wow! This really is the most incredible venue to host a private celebration on the French Riviera! The first time you see it, you’ll be blown away by the sumptuous palace, the stunning views, the dream gardens, the dancing fountains – and that’s before we’ve added any of our magic! Now think of this venue with beautiful music, scintillating lighting, fine wines, gastronomic delights – and the most special people! Your guests You’ll want them to feel just as excited about your event as you are. Thankfully, you’re in good hands. Let's meet the dream team, already in place and eager to create the party of your life. Wedding Planner: Monte Carlo Weddings Lighting: Riviera Organisation Flowers & Candles: Roni Fleurs Draping: Deco Flamme Photographer: Holly Clark Your Event YOUR STORY Riviera Organisation is an official events partner of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild and we become part of your team to create the most remarkable story. ​ Our speciality is the music and production. How the event sounds, looks and feels? We help create the setting for the perfect vibe? We bring the energy and excitement that affects how people feel. ​ We’ve created 4 different event experiences designed to get the best out of this venue. They are sure to have all the production elements you need for sound and lighting, plus recommendations for furniture, candles and entertainment. ​ For more inspiration, please browse our selection of event scenarios . Each one offers ideas and tips from our experience from successful events. We've highlighted a few on this page, but there are plenty more on our Ephrussi Events blog. ​ We also have an unrivalled network of entertainment, both local and international built up over 30 years. Our experts have handpicked some suggestions especially for this venue, but our strength is create bespoke programmes tailored especially for the occasion. Wedding Cocktail Celebration Gala Dinner Out of gallery VIEW OUR EVENT EXPERIENCES > SEE OUR EPHRUSSI EVENTS BLOG > “The noblest art is that of making others happy.” - PT Barnum - Scenarios Entertainment Out of gallery Our Showcases IMAGINE ... Here’s where your imagination meets our experience. Take a look at our showcases from many successful events, highlighting our work and that of our trusted partners. We’re sure you will be inspired to create something exceptional that reflects your personality and your wishes for such an important occasion. ​ We are proud to be part of such an exceptional network that connects the region's most creative suppliers, including florists, caterers and wedding planners. By collaborating sensibly we can create magnificent experiences. Contact Us EVENTS@RIVIERAORGANISATION.COM / TEL: +33 422 13 60 60 WWW.RIVIERA ORGANISATION.COM Anything is possible and it's easier than you think. Book a phone session free of charge with our event team today. You are under no obligation, but you will get some valuable information for your event. Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Event Scenarios | Events at Villa Ephrussi

    Event Scenarios IMAGINE YOUR STORY We see events as stories waiting to be told. Every event is a journey filled with excitement, surprises and moments of delight. ​ Of course, every event is different but let’s take a moment to preview how your story could be as we guide you through a typical event chapter by chapter. ​ Here are a few sample scenarios that offer suggestions on how different types of events can take shape. Each one includes a selection of photos or videos, along with some invaluable tips on how to make your event perfect for you. ​ Please visit our Ephrussi Events blog for more inspiration and ideas. Dream Wedding The first impressions are so important. Upon arrival, guests will immediately know that something special is happening and they will feel excited about what’s to come ... Private Celebration The whole event is a series of highlights one after another, but there’s still space for the most incredible surprise of all. These are the unexpected moments of drama that guests will be talking about for years to come ... Garden Party This is a journey through different zones of the villa, offering a wide variety of experiences that reflect the many personalities of the venue ... Gala Dinner The scene is set for a fascinating insight into the history of the villa, discovering a unique art collection and meeting its most exuberant characters … VIEW ALL OUR SCENARIOS >

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