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  • 300 Events and Counting …

    Riviera Organisation has been involved in over 100 events at this venue since becoming an official partner of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in 2005. The showcase below shows a selection of some of our events at this venue. They are sure to give you some inspiration for your event. What will your story be? Get in touch to find out how we can help make your event at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild extraordinary.

  • Stylish & Sophisticated

    This is the most complete, refined and sophisticated solution for the villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, offering only the best equipment and a solid technical platform suitable for building the most spectacular event. This experience adds movement and life to the ambience outdoors. All lights are entirely programmable with the potential to project animated graphics, slow-moving special effects or personalised gobos to the façade of the building. The sound equipment is of the highest quality both inside and out, with additional technical staff on-site all evening to implement the most detailed of briefs and to adapt to the changing dynamics of the event flow. Top-of-the-range control desks make it easy to incorporate complex technical riders for world-class entertainment. Lighting can be focussed to highlight floral centrepieces or other key features of the venue. For the gardens, we offer a choice of stylish chrome, vintage white, or crystal glass storm lanterns to illuminate the pond and decorate the passage between the lower and upper gardens. Inside, the venue is transformed into a contemporary nightclub with cutting edge animated lighting and extra starlight effects. For the full experience, we recommend adding our flagship mirror ball chandelier designed by Riviera Organisation, ocassionally copied but never equalled. The indoor furnishings are selected according to the theme of the design. Our recommendation is black or royal red velvet that complement the existing colours of the venue. Other colours or styles are proposed to be sure the setting fits in with the overall event design. Our DJ/music programmer will be on-site to complete the music experience and to manage the soundtrack to any live performances and key moments of the event. If you bring your own DJ, you can be sure they will have all the facilities they need with the very latest DJ gear.

  • Natural & Elegant

    This experience complements the villa perfectly, offering high quality elegant equipment and all the essential elements for a beautiful event. The venue is already spectacular. We bring simple but smart equipment to complement what is already on- site: high quality sound & lighting inside and out, candles around the pond, and lounge furniture for the party area. Outside, we create a warm glow around the dining area using classy white street lamps that are entirely cable- free. The façade is lit using the villa’s own in-house lights. On the terrace, are chic white sound columns designed by Porsche that blend harmoniously into the décor of the venue. Additional amplified speakers are hidden behind the bushes to ensure an impeccable yet discreet sound for background music or speeches. After dark, the fountain pond flickers with beautiful candles in white terra-cotta pots on elegant wrought iron stands. Key features of the garden are lit by built-in lighting and we highly recommend the villa’s stunning animated fountain show to highlight key moments of the evening. Inside, we create a sleek lounge setting, with smooth white furniture inside the 4 corners of the inner columns. This encourages guests to stay inside during the after-party, which in turn improves the dynamics of the dance floor. There’s a high-quality L’Acoustics sound system with separate bass speakers to boost the pulse of the party. Intelligent DJ lighting effects synchronise automatically with the beats of the music to dynamize the ambiance. Our DJ will keep the dance floor packed all night with a refreshing mix of contemporary dance, special requests and instantly recognisable party anthems.

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  • Our Partners | Events at Villa Ephrussi

    Our Partners TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER Our Network Of Experience​ ​ Great events are created not by one single mind, but by a collective of talented event professionals sharing ideas and expertise. Specialists collaborating seamlessly to deliver an experience that is so much greater than the sum of its parts. ​ Our partners are all official suppliers to the villa, and they are all the best of the best in their specialist field. More importantly though, we all know the facilities at the venue perfectly, and the restrictions, and you're sure to appreciate the team-spirit and that all preparations, deliveries and the set-up runs smoothly to be sure everything is best-prepared for your event. ​ Choose to work with one or several players to complement your own team, or count on us to leave no stone unturned to deliver the most exceptional experience. "You are all a credit to the event industry and you should be rightly proud of what you achieved ... Your hard work certainly paid off . Feedback from the client has been exceptional" RICHARD COLTART CONSULTING OUR NETWORK OF EXPERIENCE For many years, we have been championing local talent and showcasing the very best international artists. In fact, we have dozens of tips, ideas and recommendations on how live entertainment can make your event shine. ​ Please browse through our showcases by clicking on the photos below, or visit the main Riviera Organisation site for even more suggestions. Event Production Entertainment Wedding Planners Floral Design Caterers Photo Video VIEW MORE ENTERTAINMENT >

  • YOUR TEAM | Events at Villa Ephrussi

    Your Team MEET YOUR DREAM TEAM Pleased to meet you! We’re the ones behind the scenes to make your event perfect. We are a team of a friendly event professionals who knows this venue inside out! Our speciality is music and production, but we collaborate professionally with trusted partners to be sure you have everything you need. Within our team are trusted experts at every level for everything that is important to you. We can work independently, or alongside your own event designer or wedding planner. Use us to create your event story, or to manage specific chapters such as the technical platform or the entertainment scenario. Meet Your Dream Team Why Choose Us? ONE CONTACT - ONE TEAM - ONE GOAL For such an important event, why leave anything to chance? ​ We have a refreshingly different approach to organising special events, built on personal relationships over many years, and our cornerstones of trust, expertise, creativity, and value . Trust us to offer invaluable advice always in the best interests of your event, with reliable partners who share our vision and values. Have confidence that we can deliver the highest quality service at every level. Our expertise stretches much further than decades of successful events at this venue. We have an unrivalled knowledge of the French Riviera and all its resources for the events industry. Our extended network is so much stronger than any individual company as we can offer so many different choices at every level. Our creative challenge is to personalise each experience to make every event unique and for everyone involved to enjoy the process. We’re confident we can offer valued services and value for money. You pay only for the services you need, and we are completely transparent with all costs. We’ll explain the value of every euro spent and advise where intelligent savings can be made. How reassuring is that? OUR PROMISES TO YOU > Why Us? “Events are built on the purest and most beautiful emotions to create memorable experiences and meaningful relationships. Everything else is a means to an end” Riviera Organisation Our Stories FAQs Take It Easy OUR PROMISES TO YOU A beautifully crafted event built on careful planning, close personal relationships and local expertise; ​ A friendly voice at the end of the phone for expert advice in English whenever you need it; ​ Clear choices at every level; ​ Transparent pricing meaning no hidden costs and no money wasted; Peace of mind during the whole planning process, and most importantly during the event itself; ​ Visit Riviera Organisation for more information about our services. Our Promises To You

  • Events at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

    Scintillating events - VILLA EPHRUSSI DE ROTHSCHILD - SHOW ME The definitive guide - BY RIVIERA ORGANISATION - Welcome WELCOME TO THE VILLA EPHRUSSI DE ROTHSCHILD Wow! This really is the most incredible venue to host a private celebration on the French Riviera! The first time you see it, you’ll be blown away by the sumptuous palace, the stunning views, the dream gardens, the dancing fountains – and that’s before we’ve added any of our magic! Now think of this venue with beautiful music, scintillating lighting, fine wines, gastronomic delights – and the most special people! Your guests You’ll want them to feel just as excited about your event as you are. Thankfully, you’re in good hands. We have more experience at events in this venue than anyone else, and we have privileged relationships with the best suppliers in the region. You're in good hands. Welcome Your Event YOUR STORY Riviera Organisation is an official events partner of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild and we become part of your team to create the most remarkable story. ​ Our speciality is the music and production. How the event sounds, looks and feels? We help create the setting for the perfect vibe? We bring the energy and excitement that affects how people feel. ​ We’ve created 4 different event experiences designed to get the best out of this venue. They are sure to have all the production elements you need for sound and lighting, plus recommendations for furniture, candles and entertainment. ​ For more inspiration, please browse our selection of event scenarios . Each one offers ideas and tips from our experience from successful events. We've highlighted a few on this page, but there are plenty more on our Ephrussi Events blog. ​ We also have an unrivalled network of entertainment, both local and international built up over 30 years. Our experts have handpicked some suggestions especially for this venue, but our strength is create bespoke programmes tailored especially for the occasion. Wedding Cocktail Celebration Gala Dinner VIEW OUR EVENT EXPERIENCES > SEE OUR EPHRUSSI EVENTS BLOG > Your Event “The noblest art is that of making others happy.” - PT Barnum - Scenarios Entertainment Our Showcases IMAGINE ... Here’s where your imagination meets our experience. Take a look at our showcases from many successful events, highlighting our work and that of our trusted partners. We’re sure you will be inspired to create something exceptional that reflects your personality and your wishes for such an important occasion. ​ We are proud to be part of such an exceptional network that connects the region's most creative suppliers, including florists, caterers and wedding planners. By collaborating sensibly we can create magnificent experiences. Imagine Contact Contact Us EVENTS@RIVIERAORGANISATION.COM / TEL: +33 422 13 60 60 WWW.RIVIERA ORGANISATION.COM Anything is possible and it's easier than you think. Book a phone session free of charge with our event team today and get some valuable information for your event. Submit Thanks for submitting!

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