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  • Gala Dinner: The Baronesses Ball

    The scene is set for a fascinating insight into the history of the villa, discovering a unique art collection and meeting its most charismatic characters … Welcome Guests are welcomed by an actor playing the original architect of the villa, Aaron Messiah. He welcomes them with exuberant enthusiasm and some quickfire fun facts about the villa. Entertainment: Inside a classical pianist plays music from the turn of the century when the villa was built. Visual entertainment is focused on art with costumed close-up artists offering caricatures, souvenir sketches and silhouettes. Costumed character actors Living buffets Body painters Living statues Photo Booth Guides will offer tours around the venue, their private rooms and the art collection Rooms will have costumes characters to bring the setting to life – even an actress playing the baroness herself. After the main course the Baroness appears on the balcony to give a short speech on her vision when she created the villa. She introduces her architect who talks about creating a building filled with joy and eventually reveals himself as a tenor singer. The baroness reappears in the dining area to perform a spontaneous duet. After the performance, a DJ or live trio continue the vibe until the end of the evening.

  • Garden Party: Ephrussi Enchantée

    This theme is a journey through different zones of the villa, offering a wide variety of experiences that reflect the different personalities of the venue. The event like the venue will be a blend of classical and contemporary, but always with a surprising twist and the occasional touch of eccentricity. In French, "enchanted" means "pleased to meet you" or literally "enchanted". For this event in one of France's most beautiful locations, we've created a setting that is both enchanting and welcoming for new relationships. Guests are encouraged to circulate around 4 zones. Each zones represents a different charm of the villa: Entrance: Welcome Zone Lower Gardens: Garden Chic Upper Gardens: Contemporary Gardens Indoors: Disco Lounge The experience is different in each zone, with costumed visual artists, live musicians, the choice of furniture and floral decoration all reflecting each theme. Indoors, the event is brought to a climax with. vibrant colours, stylish furniture and upbeat party music.

  • Celebrations: A Midsummer's Night Dream

    Here is a show that takes inspiration from Shakespeare’s unparalleled tale of love, beauty and fantasy. Beautiful stiltwalker fairies set the scene with long flowing dresses and floral crowns. Music fills the air courtesy of our “merry wanderers of the night”. The whole evening will be created especially for you and will include charismatic singers, colourful dancers and stunning visual performances. The entertainment will highlight the theme of love and friendship, remaining fast-paced and dynamic while always staying classy and sophisticated. The visual shows will be elegant and romantic, while being a wonderful expression of the beauty and power of the human body. The event is hosted by a costumed MC who puts the theme into context of the venue and the occasion. Later, he reveals himself to be the most incredible tenor singer, accompanied by 4 soprano fairies. As the sun starts setting, the magic of the night comes alive. The stunning Rothschild setting is gently enhanced by natural lighting with tea lights and tall candelabras entwined with floral elegance.

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  • YOUR TEAM | Events at Villa Ephrussi

    Your Team MEET YOUR DREAM TEAM Pleased to meet you! We’re the ones behind the scenes to make your event perfect. We are a team of a friendly event professionals who knows this venue inside out! Our speciality is music and production, but we collaborate professionally with trusted partners to be sure you have everything you need. Within our team are trusted experts at every level for everything that is important to you. We can work independently, or alongside your own event designer or wedding planner. Use us to create your event story, or to manage specific chapters such as the technical platform or the entertainment scenario. Lighting: Riviera Organisation Flowers & Candles: Wayne Riley Flowers Photographer: Holly Clark Why Choose Us? ONE CONTACT - ONE TEAM - ONE GOAL For such an important event, why leave anything to chance? ​ We have a refreshingly different approach to organising special events, built on personal relationships over many years, and our cornerstones of . trust, expertise, creativity, and value Trust us to offer invaluable advice always in the best interests of your event, with reliable partners who share our vision and values. Have confidence that we can deliver the highest quality service at every level. Our expertise stretches much further than decades of successful events at this venue. We have an unrivalled knowledge of the French Riviera and all its resources for the events industry. Our extended network is so much stronger than any individual company as we can offer so many different choices at every level. Our creative challenge is to personalise each experience to make every event unique and for everyone involved to enjoy the process. We’re confident we can offer valued services and value for money. You pay only for the services you need, and we are completely transparent with all costs. We’ll explain the value of every euro spent and advise where intelligent savings can be made. How reassuring is that? OUR PROMISES TO YOU > Entertainment: Riviera Organisation Lighting: Riviera Organisation Floral Design: Wayne Riley Flowers Catering: Lenotre Video: Chromata Films “Events are built on the purest and most beautiful emotions to create memorable experiences and meaningful relationships. Everything else is a means to an end” Riviera Organisation Our Stories FAQs Take It Easy OUR PROMISES TO YOU A beautifully crafted event built on careful planning, close personal relationships and local expertise; ​ A friendly voice at the end of the phone for expert advice in English whenever you need it; ​ Clear choices at every level; ​ Transparent pricing meaning no hidden costs and no money wasted; Peace of mind during the whole planning process, and most importantly during the event itself; ​ Visit for more information about our services. Riviera Organisation

  • THE VILLA | Events at Villa Ephrussi

    Events at the Villa A SETTING LIKE NO OTHER Welcome to Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild - the most prestigious venue for international corporate events and private celebrations on the French Riviera, with over 60 000 visitors each year. Its sophisticated beauty is unlike any other in the region. Combining heritage, magnificent gardens and timeless art, events at the Villa are truly unique and unforgettable. ​ Riviera Organisation is a privileged partner to the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild for many years. We have the experience, the secrets, the know- how, the equipment and the specialists help you create the best event ever at this venue. FUN FACTS Event Planner: House Of Kirschner Floral Design: Wayne Riley Flowers Photographer: Sarah Stefani Did you know? FUN FACTS ABOUT THE VILLA Did you know the villa is just over 100 years old? It was built between 1905 and 1912 by the Baroness Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild. It was designed by the French architects Jacques Marcel Auburtin and Aaron Messiah who were influenced by the grandiose Italian villas at the time. Who was Baroness Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild? The Baroness was a lover of art and she filled the mansion with antiques furniture, old master painters, sculptures, and extension collection of rare porcelain. Among her collection is a games table that once belonged to Marie Antoinette, and a rug commissioned by Louis 14th. Who owns it now? When the Baroness died in 1934, the villa was donated to the Academie de Beaux Arts, so that it could eventually be open to the public. It’s managed by Culture Espaces who look after several magnificent venues in France including the Roman Arena of Nimes and the stunning Carrière de Lumières in Les Baux de Provence. The gardens were inspired by a ship The gardens are among the most beautiful in the world. They were designed in the form of a ship with the sea visible on all sides. There are no fewer than 9 themed gardens including the Spanish and Florentine gardens that you will walk through on the way into your event. Dinner is usually in the central French gardens. It’s worth a visit to the Japanese gardens which are hidden away behind the Love Temple at the end of the fountain area. The building was once yellow When it was originally built, the main facade was bright yellow. It was painted pink after the war to give it a Venetian feel. The view is one of the best in the world It’s official. The stunning view of the Bay of Villefranche from the balcony in the Florentine gardens was rated the best view in the world by TripAdvisor. INVALUABLE TIPS “ It went like a dream. What a massive success it all was. Absolutely stunning. Magical in every way and faultless to a tee.” Elizabeth Halsall Invaluable Advice OUR TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL EVENTS Make sure you have nothing to do on the day You won't want to have any worries during the event. The majority of the work should be done in advance, but make sure there is a professional overseeing all aspects of the event including the set-up, the arrival of all artists and the timing. For luxury private events, we strongly recommend hiring a wedding planner. You won't regret it. Let the event breathe How people are feeling is more important than any running order. Stick to the plan but allow space to enjoy each moment. Trust the approved suppliers They are recommended by the villa for a reason. They are all experts in their field and they know the villa inside out. They can advise on what works the best and they'll be sure to get everything ready on time. ​ Spend wisely Unless you have an unlimited budget, every euro needs to add value for you. Use your event planner to negotiate for you and to make sure there are no unnecessary or hidden costs. Have a plan B Even on the French Riviera it can rain sometimes. Think through the worst-case scenario and plan for it. The chances are you won’t need it. ​ Please call our specialist event managers for more inside information on how to make your event a huge success. There's plenty more tips in our latest company brochure "The Joy Of Events (page 37)" Browse our brochure "Scintillating Event Experiences"

  • FAQ | Events at Villa Ephrussi

    Frequently Asked Questions How much does it cost to host an event at the villa? The price will vary according to the specific needs of each event, but we can make 3 promises to you: Our event staff will put together a budget estimate promptly after receiving a clear brief; We are confident that any fees we charge are more than compensated by savings we can make on your behalf; We always offer value for money whatever the budget, with no hidden costs; For the most complete and competitive pricing, we have designed some with all the production elements you need for successful events at the villa. all-inclusive event experiences Will everything be set-up in time? Yes of course, and that’s our problem, not yours! Our all-inclusive experiences are designed around the villas delivery schedule so everything will be on-time. For more complex set-ups, we’ll advise you if you need to request more time in your contract with the villa. Can we have loud music outside? You can have music that’s loud enough for a successful party. We have perfected our sound installation to ensure the music can create the right vibe for the party, without interfering with the neighbours, nor the conversation levels for that matter. This means background music outside until no later than midnight, and with special permission we can add some short musical attractions outside. The dancing will take place inside where there are less noise restrictions and we can create a vibrant upbeat setting to bring the celebrations to a climax. Do we need to bring extra lighting outside? We recommend it. The villa has some in-built lighting for the façade and key features of the garden, but you have no control over the colours and the intensity. In any case, you’ll need some additional lighting for outdoor dining. We have several tried and tested lighting options that complement the venue’s own lighting perfectly. Inside, our lighting will transform the venue from a daytime museum to a lively party zone. We create dynamic lighting effects for the dance area and highlight the activity on the stage. Some clients choose vibrant nightclub style multi-coloured lighting with moving effects. Please take a look at our for photos of different lighting options. showcase gallery What happens if it rains? It very rarely rains in the summertime – but nevertheless, we will always need to plan on a wet-weather option even during the hottest months of the year. It is possible to seat up to 200 people in the indoor Patio, by moving the dancing to the Oriental Tea Room. Otherwise, there are several tent options from a simple stretched roof custom-made for the gardens or splendid marquees that take several days to build. You can see photos of several different options in our . showcase gallery Do we need to add portable toilets? There are already four toilets inside the main building and two more in the front courtyard. There’s no real need to add anymore, unless there are more than 200 guests. We can bring in VIP toilet units that fit discreetly in the gardener’s area next to the front courtyard. Can we bring our own entertainment? Yes, but we would need to provide a manager to oversee the artists from the moment they arrive on-site. We would also need to supply all their technical requirements and backstage facilities. For the best results, we recommend using artists that know the venue and the event management team. We have dozens of tips and recommendations on our pages. We can also help with your declaration to SACEM for music publishing rights. entertainment Do we need to bring in a generator for electricity? Not necessarily! Most of our set-ups are designed around what electricity is already available on-site. Additional electricity is needed for bespoke lighting options, some outdoor live catering facilities and some special attractions like video-mapping. In any case, we’ll check the electricity requirements of all our partners to make sure there are no power cuts on the night. Do we have to use the approved suppliers? Yes, and the good news is that they are all the best in their specialist field so there’s no need to look any further. More importantly though, the approved suppliers know the facilities at the venue perfectly – and the restrictions. You’re sure to appreciate the team-spirit among all suppliers meaning the set-up runs smoothly and quickly to be sure everything is best-prepared for your event. Can we be legally married at the villa? The wedding ceremony is purely symbolic, so you’ll need to be officially married in a church, at the town hall or in your own country first. However, once the paperwork is done elsewhere, the ceremony at the villa will seem authentic hosted by a priest, rabbis or other officiant. We would advise you to contact a wedding planner who can oversee all the official aspects of the ceremony. Do we need to hire a wedding planner? We always recommend hiring a wedding planner for the best possible event experience. They offer a much broader range of services, and we would complement each other perfectly. You can then be reassured that everything is covered. We’re proud to work alongside the best wedding planners in the region and we’re happy to make recommendations. Do we need to add air-conditioning inside? There is no AC on-site and it can get quite hot inside in the summer, but the roofs are high and with the doors open there can be a fresh breeze circulating. From experience, we find that small AC units and fans are more of a gesture than an overall solution, but the cost of installing a full professional solution is very high. Most clients will accept it for what it is, and get a breath of fresh air outside if ever it gets too hot. Are fireworks allowed? Fireworks are not permitted anywhere in the venue, but it is still possible to arrange an amazing fireworks display from a boat in the bay of Villefranche or Beaulieu. For the best view, guests would need to move to a terrace overlooking the bay. For the right impact, you would need to opt for a high intensity dynamic aerial show and we can synchronise this to music of your choice. We would arrange all the authorisations with the town council, the firemen and the airport, but we would need at least 30 days notice and we would need to give a precise time for the show sometime before 11pm. As an alternative to fireworks, we can recommend our video mapping on he villas façade, an amazing heliosphere show or cold pyrotechnics around the gardens. Do we need to bring extra furniture? Apart from a few garden benches, there is no furniture supplied by the villa, and most of what you see during your site visit is taken away. Your caterer will be best placed to advise on high tables for the cocktail, chairs for the ceremony and reception materials for the dinner. However, do bear in mind that if you use the same chairs for the ceremony and dinner, you will need to factor in additional staff to move them. We recommend adding lounge furniture to the inside party area, as it is important to keep people inside after dinner and make this area the focal point of the party. Without it guests are more likely to wander back outside so the party becomes split up and the overall ambiance suffers. For the same reason, we always recommend have the bar in the same area as the dance floor. You can see different options for furniture in our . showcase gallery Can we build a stage? Yes, for indoors, we have specially made staging that wraps around the columns. This can be up to 8m wide and 6m deep. However, you would need special permission from the villa to set this up before 5pm which makes it very tight for sound checks before 7pm. If the villa accepts for the stage to be set up in the morning, we need to factor in curtains and security ropes so as not to interfere with the daytime guest experience. Outdoors, we can create some beautiful round or square stages on the water basin which is perfect for wedding ceremonies. These are set up in the morning. In the upper gardens, the marble terrace is already slightly raised so we don't think there is a need for a stage here. You can see different options for staging in our . showcase gallery Should we bring additional heating? Even on the French Riviera, it can get chilly outside the summer season. We can bring in electric parasol heaters but this means adding a generator and lots of cabling. Sometimes, just bringing some extras pachminas is enough. Gas heaters are not permitted anywhere in the venue. There is some heating inside the patio area, but we would recommend adding a few small electric air heaters to the dining and backstage areas outside the summer months. This is a simple solution needing no major set-up or additional generators. What about staff meals? It is customary in France to arrange meals for all staff on-site at meal time. These are the people that make the event happen so we choose to look after them as best as we can, especially the technicians who have long days with some very intensive spells. The caterers will usually prepare a cold meal tray which is generally fine although some artists may not accept this. A warm buffet option even microwaved food or takeaway pizzas are preferred. If you'd like us to arrange this, then we will deal with it at cost price as part of our service. Otherwise please arrange this directly with the caterer and we will send you a list of our needs in advance. What backstage facilities are there? There is a general technical area next to the kitchens downstairs space for staff to change and WC facilities. This is where all staff meals are served. With the villa's permission, we can use the upstairs TV room after 6pm which is conveniently placed for access to the stage area. Artists should be warned that there is a strict no smoking, no eating and no alcohol policy here otherwise you may be charged a hefty cleaning fee. Alternatively, we can used the tea room area if this is not needed for the event. This would only be available after the villa is closed to the public We can add basic backstage facilities such as clothes racks, mirrors and an iron upon request. Do we need to add carpets and flooring? Many of the paths are gravel which some clients find awkward, although some cheap online heal protectors my be an easy solution. Of course we can arrange partial or full carpeting and flooring providing there is enough set-up time. Often we are asked to carpet the path the bride will take as she enters the ceremony, so that she is sure to stay steady in her shoes and, of course, it keeps her dress clean. We can also arrange false grass on wooden flooring to fill in the gaps in the dining area. This is recommended for larger events outside to even out the flooring so that the tables are steady. How long can parties go on until? Weddings and private parties can continue until 3am or 4am depending on your contract. At the end of the evening you would need to stop the music 10-15 minutes before the cut-off time to be sure clearing the venue in time. In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate extra hours on the night until 4am at the latest, but please be aware that on top of the villa's charge, there may be overtime for artists, technicians and catering staff as well. How do we get guests to and from the venue? First impressions are so important so you will want your guests to arrive fresh and in the right frame of mind. Getting them to the venue is therefore an important part of the planning process. Whether you want 50 seater coaches or luxury limousines, we will be able to recommend a professional transport service. Getting them back in even more important. You cannot rely on the local taxi services at 3am in the morning unless they are pre-booked. Often the best solution is a regular shuttle service from midnight, but make sure you have enough seats for the end of evening rush. Also, make sure you book your driver for at least half an hour after the scheduled finish time - just to make sure that the last one's out aren't left stranded. If we are asked to book the transfers, we will always arrange for on-site coordinators at every key point. Transport is far too important to just leave to chance. Can you help with the catering? The venue will put you in touch with several excellent caterers, and we have a healthy working relationship with all of them. We have no particular preferences but we recommend you arrange tastings with at least 2 different ones. We don't get involved with the menu choices but we will liaise with the caterers in advance to be sure they are aware of the event brief and our staff meal requirements. We will also check their electricity needs to be sure there is enough power on-site. The caterer will usually supply all the tables, chairs and reception material, although we can help if you are looking for something different. Can you help with flowers? There are many excellent florists recommended by the venue. Most of them speak English so we would recommend contacting them directly. We can assist if you need help and we would certainly intervene to coordinate the delivery schedule. We like to know the details of the floral decoration so we can adapt our lighting accordingly. Should we add some candles? These only add to the beauty of the gardens and we recommend them highly for all events. All candles must be protected and on stands and at least 1m away from the vegetation and we will always designate someone responsible to keep an eye on the candles making sure they are safe and always lit. The ponds look beautiful when lit by candlelight at night, and we have plenty of stylish lanterns to line the walkways. Indoors, we cannot use real candles - only LED ones with artificial flames. You can see different options for candles in our . showcase gallery How long does it take to plan an event here? Even though the planning process for most events starts several months in advance, it is possible to put together events very quickly. This can be a matter of days if you use our tried and tested . By browsing through this site, we're sure you will have a clear idea what your options are. We can then cost everything up quickly and once you have made your choices everything will run very smoothly. all-inclusive event experiences Parlez-vous français? Oui, bien sûr. Nous sommes multilingues. Nous avons des chefs de projets francophones et nous pouvons préparer tous vos devis en français. Can we film using drones? Only if you have permission in advance from the local council. There are hefty fines for unauthorised use of drones. Why is set-up time so short? This is one of the biggest challenges at this venue, at it is always busy, often with more than 1000 visits each day. The villa is very proud of its heritage and chooses not to compromise their visitor experience. For this reason, there is only a very limited window for setting-up: after 5pm in the evening and before 10am in the morning. It is important to make sure that all deliveries are perfectly coordinated which is one reason why we will always have a designated site manager to avoid delays and bottlenecks. For most events, we have the technique down to a tee by bringing in additional assistance during delivery and set-up. For more complex events we would set up production meetings in advance to put together a clear logistics plan. For solid structure marquees or complex staging, you would need to book additional set-up time with the venue.

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