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  • 300 Events and Counting …

    Riviera Organisation has been involved in over 100 events at this venue since becoming an official partner of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in 2005. The showcase below shows a selection of some of our events at this venue. They are sure to give you some inspiration for your event. What will your story be? Get in touch to find out how we can help make your event at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild extraordinary.

  • Stylish & Sophisticated

    This is the most complete, refined and sophisticated solution for the villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, offering only the best equipment and a solid technical platform suitable for building the most spectacular event. This experience adds movement and life to the ambience outdoors. All lights are entirely programmable with the potential to project animated graphics, slow-moving special effects or personalised gobos to the façade of the building. The sound equipment is of the highest quality both inside and out, with additional technical staff on-site all evening to implement the most detailed of briefs and to adapt to the changing dynamics of the event flow. Top-of-the-range control desks make it easy to incorporate complex technical riders for world-class entertainment. Lighting can be focussed to highlight floral centrepieces or other key features of the venue. For the gardens, we offer a choice of stylish chrome, vintage white, or crystal glass storm lanterns to illuminate the pond and decorate the passage between the lower and upper gardens. Inside, the venue is transformed into a contemporary nightclub with cutting edge animated lighting and extra starlight effects. For the full experience, we recommend adding our flagship mirror ball chandelier designed by Riviera Organisation, ocassionally copied but never equalled. The indoor furnishings are selected according to the theme of the design. Our recommendation is black or royal red velvet that complement the existing colours of the venue. Other colours or styles are proposed to be sure the setting fits in with the overall event design. Our DJ/music programmer will be on-site to complete the music experience and to manage the soundtrack to any live performances and key moments of the event. If you bring your own DJ, you can be sure they will have all the facilities they need with the very latest DJ gear.

  • Natural & Elegant

    This experience complements the villa perfectly, offering high quality elegant equipment and all the essential elements for a beautiful event. The venue is already spectacular. We bring simple but smart equipment to complement what is already on- site: high quality sound & lighting inside and out, candles around the pond, and lounge furniture for the party area. Outside, we create a warm glow around the dining area using classy white street lamps that are entirely cable- free. The façade is lit using the villa’s own in-house lights. On the terrace, are chic white sound columns designed by Porsche that blend harmoniously into the décor of the venue. Additional amplified speakers are hidden behind the bushes to ensure an impeccable yet discreet sound for background music or speeches. After dark, the fountain pond flickers with beautiful candles in white terra-cotta pots on elegant wrought iron stands. Key features of the garden are lit by built-in lighting and we highly recommend the villa’s stunning animated fountain show to highlight key moments of the evening. Inside, we create a sleek lounge setting, with smooth white furniture inside the 4 corners of the inner columns. This encourages guests to stay inside during the after-party, which in turn improves the dynamics of the dance floor. There’s a high-quality L’Acoustics sound system with separate bass speakers to boost the pulse of the party. Intelligent DJ lighting effects synchronise automatically with the beats of the music to dynamize the ambiance. Our DJ will keep the dance floor packed all night with a refreshing mix of contemporary dance, special requests and instantly recognisable party anthems.

  • Warm & Vibrant

    This experience offers versatility and a set-up which reflects your personality. We provide the latest sound equipment, programmable coloured lighting and a wide choice of decorative elements. We bring a full range of high quality lights that can be easily programmed to create colours and moods that can be instantly tweaked according to the event flow or your personal taste. For the dining area, we recommend a warm amber glow, but you have complete control over the colours at all stages of the evening. A state-of-the-art sound system assures a sublime acoustics for background music and live performances. Additional amplified speakers in both the upper and lower gardens mean we can manage volume levels perfectly, with low-level ambient music while guests are eating, and a higher volume for speeches or musical attractions that comply with the venue’s noise restrictions. The gardens are decorated with hanging lanterns around the pond, and additional vintage white lanterns leading up to the dining area. Inside, we create a contemporary nightclub vibe with programmable animated lighting effects on the balcony and stylish cable-free uplights under the arches. The setting is completed with a choice of white lounge furniture that reflects the colours of the lighting. Choose between our chic, smooth, white paradise range or the more trendy white Chesterfield sofas with matching armchairs, coffee tables and bars. A specialist sound engineer will optimise the sound for the venue with high quality L’Acoustics speakers and a powerful digital sound desk. The DJ will manage the soundtrack to the entire event from the moment guests arrive until the last ones leave.

  • A La Carte

    This is an opportunity for you to create a totally bespoke event from a blank canvass exactly as you want it, reflecting your imagination and personality. You will have your own dedicated event planner AND an experienced production manager who will discuss in detail what you are expecting from your event, and guide you through the options available to you, taking into account the particularities of this venue. This fast-moving video shows many different ways that you can make your event here stand out from the ordinary. The production manager will prepare set-up plans and lighting specs and will oversee the entire preparation and set-up process. This will involve liaising with the venue and communicating with all other suppliers to ensure that the deliveries run smoothly and that everything is set-up on time. Our advance production costs include engaging a specialist lighting designer and sound engineer during the planning process. The lighting engineer will create a personalized plan according to the programme of the event, making sure value is added to all design elements and visual shows. The sound engineer will advise on the most appropriate set-up and will liaise with any performers in advance to be sure that their technical riders are met and that we can maximize the time we have for sound checks. Your event manager will prepare a detailed brief leaving no stone unturned to make sure your event runs smoothly. This brief will be approved by you in advance then shared with all other partners working on this event. The production team will provide the technical platform for a magnificent occasion and make sure that everything looks and sounds amazing.

  • Musical Attractions

    Here's a selection of some musical attractions that will add a sparkle to any event at this venue. You can navigate between different videos using the menu on the top left corner of the video. These are ideal as a main attraction after the main course. Perhaps the best we've seen at this venue is the London based String Fever. They add a touch of British humour to their amazing music talent. Their movie quiz medley is loads of fun, but their "History of Music" show performed live in 5 minutes is just incredible. 5 musical attractions that have already been a success at this venue: Electric violinists; Disguised tenor singers; Choreographed dance shows Acapela rock band (with no instruments) Tribute bands like The Beatles, Abba or Queen For more entertainment ideas, please visit our main entertainment showcase or jump to the next page for ideas on dance shows.

  • Live Bands

    Live music is all about the charisma of the performers and these are shows full of energy and excitement ... We are proud to represent the freshest and most dynamic bands on the international party scene who grace events worldwide with their elegance, sophistication and supreme talent. You can navigate between different videos using the menu on the top left corner of the video. The smaller bands are great for a live performance inside after dinner alongside a DJ. The larger bands can offer several different performances at various stages of the evening. For example, a band like Vogue offer excellent value for money. They are based in France but they have a very international repertoire and they have performed for us all over the world. Here's an example of what they could offer for your event: Strings for a classical touch during the ceremony; A saxophonist and percussionist for a lounge set during the drinks reception; An instrumental jazz combo for background music during dinner; Singers performing interactive sets around the tables between courses; The full band performing a 2 hour non-stop party set to bring the event to a climax For more entertainment ideas, please visit our main entertainment showcase or jump to the next page for ideas on DJ Live shows.

  • Singers

    Here's a selection of some different singers that will add a sparkle to any event at this venue. You can navigate between different videos using the menu on the top left corner of the video. Here's how singers can fit into your event flow: To sing a special song during a ceremony To accompany a pianist or live musicians during dinner; Elegant cabaret sets between courses; Later, after dinner, they can perform upbeat sets to get everyone in the mood for a party. One of our personal favourites is Lizzy Parks who can perform with just a pianist or guitarist or a full 5 piece jazz band. For more entertainment ideas, please visit our main entertainment showcase or jump to the next page or ideas on musical attractions.

  • Dance Shows

    Here's a selection of some dance shows that will add a sparkle to any event at this venue. You can navigate between different videos using the menu on the top left corner of the video. Dancers are a particular good option to develop a theme like La Belle Epoque, Gatsby, Disco Fever or Arabian Nights - to name but a few. For your event, we would use the dancers in several different ways: They can welcome guests upon arrival dressed in character; They would perform one or two short choreographed shows between courses during dinner; Later they would freestyle with the DJ to kickstart the indoor party later. Incredibly, it's possible to create an ice dance show at the villa with a synthetic dance floor and award-winning artists. 5 popular dance themes: Ballet dancers Brazilian Fiesta (with feathered dancers and capoeira acrobats) Arabian Nights (with belly dancers) Burlesque or Moulin Rouge Disco Fever For more entertainment ideas, please visit our main entertainment showcase or jump to the next page for ideas on visual shows.

  • Upbeat Acoustic Strolling Bands

    The French Riviera is the home to some of the world's finest upbeat acoustic strolling bands. Here's our suggestion for a typical performance at this venue: 45 minute upbeat background music set during the drinks reception; 30 minute interactive singalong set between courses to step up the mood; 30 minute dynamic party set after dinner before the DJ takes over inside. A big advantage is that they need no sound system, which is perfect for the gardens of the villa. You can navigate between different videos using the menu on the top left corner of the video. The Phly Boyz and The Troubadours are our favourite local options, and this video from the London-based Juke Joints perfectly captures the mood of upbeat acoustic events on the French Riviera. For more entertainment ideas, please visit our main entertainment showcase or jump to the next page for some suggestions for singers.

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