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Musical Attractions

Here's a selection of some musical attractions that will add a sparkle to any event at this venue.

You can navigate between different videos using the menu on the top left corner of the video.

These are ideal as a main attraction after the main course.

Perhaps the best we've seen at this venue is the London based String Fever. They add a touch of British humour to their amazing music talent. Their movie quiz medley is loads of fun, but their "History of Music" show performed live in 5 minutes is just incredible.

5 musical attractions that have already been a success at this venue:

  1. Electric violinists;

  2. Disguised tenor singers;

  3. Choreographed dance shows

  4. Acapela rock band (with no instruments)

  5. Tribute bands like The Beatles, Abba or Queen

For more entertainment ideas, please visit our main entertainment showcase or jump to the next page for ideas on dance shows.


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