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Natural & Elegant

This experience complements the villa perfectly, offering high quality elegant equipment and all the essential elements for a beautiful event.

The venue is already spectacular. We bring simple but smart equipment to complement what is already on- site: high quality sound & lighting inside and out, candles around the pond, and lounge furniture for the party area.

Outside, we create a warm glow around the dining area using classy white street lamps that are entirely cable- free. The façade is lit using the villa’s own in-house lights.

On the terrace, are chic white sound columns designed by Porsche that blend harmoniously into the décor of the venue. Additional amplified speakers are hidden behind the bushes to ensure an impeccable yet discreet sound for background music or speeches.

After dark, the fountain pond flickers with beautiful candles in white terra-cotta pots on elegant wrought iron stands. Key features of the garden are lit by built-in lighting and we highly recommend the villa’s stunning animated fountain show to highlight key moments of the evening.

Inside, we create a sleek lounge setting, with smooth white furniture inside the 4 corners of the inner columns. This encourages guests to stay inside during the after-party, which in turn improves the dynamics of the dance floor.

There’s a high-quality L’Acoustics sound system with separate bass speakers to boost the pulse of the party. Intelligent DJ lighting effects synchronise automatically with the beats of the music to dynamize the ambiance.

Our DJ will keep the dance floor packed all night with a refreshing mix of contemporary dance, special requests and instantly recognisable party anthems.


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