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Garden Party: Ephrussi Enchantée

This theme is a journey through different zones of the villa, offering a wide variety of experiences that reflect the different personalities of the venue.

The event like the venue will be a blend of classical and contemporary, but always with a surprising twist and the occasional touch of eccentricity.

In French, "enchanted" means "pleased to meet you" or literally "enchanted". For this event in one of France's most beautiful locations, we've created a setting that is both enchanting and welcoming for new relationships.

Guests are encouraged to circulate around 4 zones.

Each zones represents a different charm of the villa:

  1. Entrance: Welcome Zone

  2. Lower Gardens: Garden Chic

  3. Upper Gardens: Contemporary Gardens

  4. Indoors: Disco Lounge

The experience is different in each zone, with costumed visual artists, live musicians, the choice of furniture and floral decoration all reflecting each theme.

Indoors, the event is brought to a climax with. vibrant colours, stylish furniture and upbeat party music.


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