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Gala Dinner: The Baronesses Ball

The scene is set for a fascinating insight into the history of the villa, discovering a unique art collection and meeting its most charismatic characters …


Guests are welcomed by an actor playing the original architect of the villa, Aaron Messiah.

He welcomes them with exuberant enthusiasm and some quickfire fun facts about the villa.


Inside a classical pianist plays music from the turn of the century when the villa was built.

Visual entertainment is focused on art with costumed close-up artists offering caricatures, souvenir sketches and silhouettes.

  • Costumed character actors

  • Living buffets

  • Body painters

  • Living statues

  • Photo Booth

Guides will offer tours around the venue, their private rooms and the art collection

Rooms will have costumes characters to bring the setting to life – even an actress playing the baroness herself.

After the main course the Baroness appears on the balcony to give a short speech on her vision when she created the villa. She introduces her architect who talks about creating a building filled with joy and eventually reveals himself as a tenor singer. The baroness reappears in the dining area to perform a spontaneous duet.

After the performance, a DJ or live trio continue the vibe until the end of the evening.


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