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Stylish & Sophisticated

This is the most complete, refined and sophisticated solution for the villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, offering only the best equipment and a solid technical platform suitable for building the most spectacular event.

This experience adds movement and life to the ambience outdoors. All lights are entirely programmable with the potential to project animated graphics, slow-moving special effects or personalised gobos to the façade of the building.

The sound equipment is of the highest quality both inside and out, with additional technical staff on-site all evening to implement the most detailed of briefs and to adapt to the changing dynamics of the event flow.

Top-of-the-range control desks make it easy to incorporate complex technical riders for world-class entertainment. Lighting can be focussed to highlight floral centrepieces or other key features of the venue.

For the gardens, we offer a choice of stylish chrome, vintage white, or crystal glass storm lanterns to illuminate the pond and decorate the passage between the lower and upper gardens.

Inside, the venue is transformed into a contemporary nightclub with cutting edge animated lighting and extra starlight effects. For the full experience, we recommend adding our flagship mirror ball chandelier designed by Riviera Organisation, ocassionally copied but never equalled.

The indoor furnishings are selected according to the theme of the design. Our recommendation is black or royal red velvet that complement the existing colours of the venue. Other colours or styles are proposed to be sure the setting fits in with the overall event design.

Our DJ/music programmer will be on-site to complete the music experience and to manage the soundtrack to any live performances and key moments of the event. If you bring your own DJ, you can be sure they will have all the facilities they need with the very latest DJ gear.


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