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Warm & Vibrant

This experience offers versatility and a set-up which reflects your personality. We provide the latest sound equipment, programmable coloured lighting and a wide choice of decorative elements.

We bring a full range of high quality lights that can be easily programmed to create colours and moods that can be instantly tweaked according to the event flow or your personal taste.

For the dining area, we recommend a warm amber glow, but you have complete control over the colours at all stages of the evening.

A state-of-the-art sound system assures a sublime acoustics for background music and live performances.

Additional amplified speakers in both the upper and lower gardens mean we can manage volume levels perfectly, with low-level ambient music while guests are eating, and a higher volume for speeches or musical attractions that comply with the venue’s noise restrictions.

The gardens are decorated with hanging lanterns around the pond, and additional vintage white lanterns leading up to the dining area.

Inside, we create a contemporary nightclub vibe with programmable animated lighting effects on the balcony and stylish cable-free uplights under the arches.

The setting is completed with a choice of white lounge furniture that reflects the colours of the lighting. Choose between our chic, smooth, white paradise range or the more trendy white Chesterfield sofas with matching armchairs, coffee tables and bars.

A specialist sound engineer will optimise the sound for the venue with high quality L’Acoustics speakers and a powerful digital sound desk.

The DJ will manage the soundtrack to the entire event from the moment guests arrive until the last ones leave.


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